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What is the Kids Love Tech in School Workshop?

Based on the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum, Kids Love Tech workshops bring your class an opportunity to experiment, build and play with projects reinforcing scientific concepts that are being taught in class.
Students build projects that simulate devices from the world around them such as fans, cranes and cars, to help them make the connection between the scientific concept and real life, their community, and the world.
Each child has the opportunity to experiment with real world engineering materials including circuits, motors and gears.

Workshop List

SK-Grade 1: Build a Fire Truck
While building a fire truck, the students explore mechanisms, simple machines and movement. They use wood, screws, axles, wheels and electronic circuits.

Grades 3-4: Build a Crane!
Experiment with forces, motors, pulleys and gears while building a crane to lift a variety of loads.
Curriculum connection: Forces and Movement (3), Pulleys and Gears (4)

Grades 3-4: Fun Fans and Cars
Use motors and gears to build a fan and a car. Find out how different gears impact speed and force, and why gears are important in everyday life.
Curriculum connection: Forces and Movement (3), Pulleys and Gears (4)

Grades 5-6: Lighting Up a Neighbourhood
Build parallel and series circuits, experiment with switches, wires and loads while constructing and lighting up houses in a neighbourhood.
Curriculum connection: Conservation of Energy (5), Electricity (6)

Grades 5-6: Electricity and Energy
Discover how chemical energy is transformed into electrical energy; build an electric circuit to power up
a useful device and explore conductors and insulators.
Curriculum connection: Conservation of Energy (5), Electricity (6)

Grades 4-6: Airplane Factory
In this exciting Airplane Factory students develop problem solving and communication skills while using creative thinking to plan, test, retest and modify the airplane assembly line.
Curriculum connection: The Technological Problem-Solving Skills Continuum

Pricing and Ordering information

For pricing and ordering information please contact us at

Phone:(416) 876-5615

Why choose Kids Love Tech?

Kids Love Tech's unique advantage is that senior engineers with many years of real world experience in electronics, mechanics, robotics and telecommunications have designed the activities, projects and experiments to stimulate children. And, certified teachers are actively involved in the creation of the educational materials and games. We bring the outside world right inside your classroom. Children benefit from interacting with real circuits and electronic and mechanical components. When integrating Kids Love Tech workshops you will ensure that science and technology programs in the school are interesting, relevant and truly enrich the students.