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Welcome to Kids Love Tech!

Get ready for a high-tech, high-energy approach to STEM education! The Kids Love Tech in-school science and technology enrichment
workshops, lunch programs, evening and weekend programs and camps are based on the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum using a fully hands-on participatory approach to learning! Kids Love Tech makes learning science and technology concepts fun!

Using real science and engineering equipment such as motors, circuit boards, wheels and axles, children in our courses learn through project-building, experiments, and play!

Through participating in interactive, hands-on activities, children learn STEM concepts from the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum with emphasis on a number of educational concepts including: energy, simple machines, structures and stability, light and sound, forces and movement, and electricity!

We take a unique, hands-on approach to learning! We believe that when children participate, experiment, and build, they are able to make real-world connections, and better retain scientific concepts. Mixing theory and practice, our programs provide children with well-rounded science and technology education. 

Materials are designed specifically for our programs so they are age-appropriate and safe.

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Experience the world of science, technology, and engineering in our fun and interactive camps! All experiments and projects are based on  scientific concepts outlined in the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum with emphasis on participatory, hands-on learning! In addition to building amazing projects using real engineering equipment and conducting experiments, children also get to take part in exciting  indoor and outdoor games, challenges and more! All programs are led by teachers, engineers and experienced instructors.

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In-School Workshops

Based on the Ontario Curriculum, our enrichment workshops
engage and inspire elementary students as they design, construct
and play with electronic and robotic projects!

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Evening /Weekend Programs

Our evening, weekend, and lunch programs are offered
year-round in partnership with community centres and schools. Based on concepts set out by the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum, children have fun
building exciting projects such as remote-controlled cars, cranes and trains. We build, we play and we learn in a fun and inclusive atmosphere where every child is successful and engaged. Each child participates in hands-on building using electronic
circuits, motors, batteries, wood, screws, cables and connectors.

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