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It seems self-evident that we must educate our children to understand the technological world in which we live. One type of technology that is becoming widely applied across many domains and in many subtle forms is robotics.

Today, automation and robotics are part of every day and it is growing increasingly important that the average person becomes comfortable with the basics of electronics and robotics.

There is enormous educational value for children involved in team robotics, both academically and in terms of their personal development. Children learn best when they are actively involved in building something that is meaningful to them.

Kids Love Tech puts forth the belief that it is necessary to be pro-active in making children comfortable with science and technology, by making technological subjects exciting and attractive through organized, approachable games.

Kids Love Tech is not another computer program.

"What are these children learning from this activity?"

It would be too easy to say that because they are interacting with technical things, they are learning something worthwhile. Computers are an important part of our world. Does every moment that children spend with computers have education value? In her book, Jane Healy [1998], a specialist in educational computing suggests that no more than 10% of the available software for children has any educational value.

Kids Love Tech program are not another computer game program. Children learn valuable skills with each activity of the programs. They improve academics, motor skills, problem solving, and teamwork.

Yes, it is fun!

But, there are other things that the kids gain through project building and games.

Here are some examples:

In the Robot Soccer Game, kids build soccer players and a field using wood, screws, motors and controllers. Through the process they learn about motors, they design their robots nurturing their imagination, they build with wood and screws working on their fine-motor skills and problem-solving skills, and they play with the final project as a team.

The High Tech Manufacturing Assembly Line Game allows children to experience the life of a manufacturing engineer or assembly technician. Through play, children learn the importance of teamwork, communication and process optimization.